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Drop n´Shoot Christmas edition.

Drop n' ShootPosted by Stein Walsberg 11 Dec, 2014 19:07:52
smileyHi again!
Finally I published one of the games I´ve created: Drop n´Shoot.
It is available on Google Play store. (Works with Android devices).


Drop n’ Shoot is a game where the main point is to match the falling candies
with the containers which is also cannons. For example:
You have 3 kind of candies. A gingerbread, caramel and a xmas tree chocolate.
On each cannon, you can see a picture of these candies, So when the gingerbread
is falling down to the gingerbread cannon, don’t shoot it or else you will lose a life.
All other candies you need to shoot away. And the same with the other two cannons.

The candies will fall faster and faster, and it will be more and more candies, so you
need to be very concentrated. But every time you shoot away candies which doesn’t match,
the speed will decrease a little bit.

It will also be some coins you can pick up. And other bonus package.

-Bomb package - Destroy everything on the screen.
-Bonus package - Destroy everything on the screen for 10 seconds and pick up all the coins to get a bonus score.
-Life - An extra life
-Surprise - It contains one of these three.

If you survive at least 2 minutes, it will be a surprise, but be careful.
Let’s see how many points you get.

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