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New Thrust Force Demo

Thrust ForcePosted by Stein Walsberg 06 May, 2017 09:39:06

I have been working with another game mode lately, "Space Shooter." The goal here is to shoot asteroids. You will start with one, then it will be two and so on.
Of course I will add more enemies and weapons you can pick up. Maybe in the next version.


I have only 4 levels in easy you can try in this game mode. Maybe I have mentioned this before, but I do it again. I'm not a designer, so this is not what it will look like. smiley
You will get points depending of your landing. And also get stars. Try to get 3 stars within a time limit to get an extra bonus star. This bonus star has just red color right now, but I will changed it, so you really feel that it's a bonus star. And also add some extra points to the player.


I have also a working menu now, but not all the buttons are working yet.
Also here it will be better design.


Left/Right Arrow - Rotate the ship
Up Arrow - Shoot
Z - Thruster

Below is the web demo. Enjoy!
And please, give me feedback if you find some bugs or have some cool ideas or just to say hello. smiley

Ps. Try to shoot the terrain.

Thrust Force Demo V0.4

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